Prukpirom Regent

POSTED IN Project, Residential October 23, 2012

As a result, the Romin does anlouis vuitton bags sale uk excellent job of supporting your sit bones and appropriately distributing pressure while simultaneously almost completely eliminating any strain on sensitive soft tissue. The kicked up tail lends a distinct sweet spot, too, and the flat forward section and unusually broad nose is surprisingly comfortable when you’re on the rivet.

Newer riders might find the Romin Pro to still be a little too hard but otherwise, the firm shell and minimal, dense padding are just the thing for louis vuitton outlet uklong term support sort of like how your butt feels good in squishy car seats at first but ends up achy on longer trips. That supportive nose might also be a bit too broad for some riders especially ones whose knees tend to track inward while pedaling in which case Specialized also offers the otherwise nearly identical Romin Evo shape with a more tapered tip.

Not to be ignored is the impressively light weight thanks to that lack of padding, the low profile carbon reinforced nylon shell,louis vuitton bags and carbon fiber rails. Our 143mm wide test model Specialized offers three widths to accommodate most riders weighs just 162g. It’s not cheap at US$180 but the value quotient grows when you compare similar saddles from Italian companies and if you’re ok with a bit of extra weight, Specialized also offers the Romin Expert for an extra 45g but sixty fewer dollars.

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