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POSTED IN Project, Residential October 23, 2012

The Specialized Romin Pro is a Dr Dre Beats Solo HD 2.0prime example of how no saddle should ever be judged solely by its padding. By that measure, its sparse and very firm foam suggest a comfort level closer to a medieval torture device it feels discouragingly unyielding at first and there’s just the slightest bit of cush up top. But in fact, the Romin Pro is still one of the best saddles we’ve found for seasoned riders looking for all day comfort and provided your butt is The North Face Womens already used to long rides, it only gets better the longer you sit on it.

The shape is an interesting hybrid of new school and old with a mostly flat profile in the middle third left to right and also from the middle of the saddle forward. The tail kicks up just a bit, though, and the edges progressively arc downward toCallaway X2 Hot Pro Irons prevent chafing. Meanwhile, a deep central channel and cutout extend the entire length of the saddle and overall there’s a notable lack of abrupt shape transitions from end to end.

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