Condo Pano

POSTED IN Project, Residential November 29, 2012

SRAM is boxed out for the brakes Mizuno MP-4 ironsin favour of somewhat generic Tektro calipers a move that would normally be frowned upon but in reality is an upgrade. As compared to the stock Apex units, the Tektro calipers are less prone to arm or pivot flex and lend a more positive feel at the levers, not to mention better braking performance. The stock pads also have decent bite but fade a bit more in particularly demanding situations than SRAM’s SwissStop sourced blocks. The barrel adjusters also aren’t the easiest to use but they get the job done.

Unfortunately, the stock wheels are relative boat Taylormade R1 Driveranchors with chunky hubs, so so Mavic rims, and straight 14g spokes. And while the Specialized All Conditions tyres provide good grip and roll surprisingly quickly, they feel notably wooden as compared to nicer rubber.

We swapped to a set of reasonablyTaylorMade SLDR Driver (1.5lb!) in rotating weight. Ride quality improved, too. Nicer wheels would obviously add a hefty chunk to the bottom line but at the very least, better tires would be high on our list of suggested upgrades for potential Allez buyers.

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